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HMPE 로프를 제조하는데 사용되는 고강도 폴리에틸렌을 사용 
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HMPE 로프는 무거운 짐과 조선 및 해양 산업에서 취급하는 화물을 
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Guide ropes for paper machines that withstand high temperatures and aggressive chemical environments.






Category: Products | Paper guide ropes Coreless ropes

Construction: braided rope without core
Material : polyamide
Coreless rope - for lower speed and lower paper weight.

  • basic rope for all sections of a paper machine, without Supercoating
  • easy to braid (learn more in the braiding instructions)
  • optimal for operating temperatures around 90 ° C with a maximum of 
  • 180 ° C

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우리는 제조자와 최종 사용자의 요구를 반영한 다양한 장력 브레이크, 
코어 처크, 웹 장력 제어 시스템 및 롤 푸셔, 100% 이탈리아에서 설계 및 
제조된 Turborex 공압 다중디스크 브레이크, 콤비렉스 CX250 공압 모노
디스크 브레이크, 파우덱스 자기 분말 브레이크 및 클러치, 심플렉스 
캘리퍼스 브레이크, 듀플렉스 특허 제품을 취급하며, ejector chucks, Mechanical Core Chucks 및 공압 코어 척, Sensorex 로드 셀, Isomatic 
장력 제어기, Reset 앰프, Ep Converter 변환기, Moviroll 공압 및 배터리 
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Multidisc brake with double fan. The Turborex, pioneer of eco-friendly brakes improves the unwinding efficiency while ensuring the highest performance and the least maintenance requirements for spare parts. Thanks to double fan ventilation, it works at lower temperatures also on the toughest applications -7/24- where working conditions are extreme and working temperatures need to be drastically dissipated (example: bridge applications). Low operating temperatures avoid brake components overheating - which consequently causes a loss of tension coinsistency - and contribute to the consistent reduction of the pad wear and powder pollution. Turborex can fit any applications and roll stand even in its dimensions thanks to its high versatility that ensures the maximum sensitivity in every kind of production. Maximum torque 2800 Nm, maximum heat dissipation up to 12 kW.

Innovative Technology Patented !

100% interchangeable with all brakes

  • Easy and fast installation
  • 100% Plug & Play
  • Maximum sensitivity
  • Maximum heat dissipation
  • Pads RoHs compliant
  • Pads life span up to 42 000 working hours even in extreme working conditions
  • External pad wear indicator

Turborex Pneumatic brake

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Moviroll MRE battery driven roll pusher offers the advantage of free movement without the constraints of the pneumatic connections or electrical cables. Compact and handy, but heavy-duty at the same time, it can work where forklifts cannot operate. Moviroll MRE is equipped with a 24 V DC IP 44 motor powered by a high performance and plug&play 24 V lithium battery.The advantages of a high-performance lithium battery - rather than a lead battery - are related to the duration of its charge and life-cycle. For these reasons Moviroll is the pioneer of reel pushers equipped with an eco-friendly lithium battery completely free of any polluting substance and therefore safer for the operator and the environment.

Guaraldi Tech srl

Construction and servicing of automatic and semi-automatic wrapping machines for paper, card board, carbon paper and plastic sheet reams.
Boxing machines 
Heat sealing equipment 
Conveyor and handling 


Ream wrapping machine RWM G5‌

Technical specification ;

‌Machine type ;           Semiautomatic
‌Ream feeding ;           Manual
‌Wrapping system ;   Manual
‌Functioning     ;            Electromechanic- pneumatic - hydraulic
‌Standard ream size ;  min. 530 x 420mm (A3 as optional)
‌                                               max. 1400 x 1000mm
‌Ream thickness ;         min 15 mm
‌                                               max 80 mm
‌Ream weight ;               6- 50 kg

Shalimar Wire Industires Limited

We, at Shalimar Wires Industries Limited, are unremittingly endeavoring for synergy between the technology, systems & human resources to provide superlative products & services that meet the quality, performance & cost aspirations of our customers and are totally committed to the highest standards of ethics & integrity.


‌Forming Fabric : 

» Single Layer Forming Fabric
» 1.5 Layer Forming Fabric
» Double Layer Forming Fabric
» 2.5 Layer Forming Fabric
» Three Layer Forming Fabric
» Sheet Support Binder
» Dryer Screen (Canvas) 

8-Shed Double Layer Forming Fabric

8-Shed Double Layer has one set of M.D. filaments and two sets of C.D. filaments stacked one over the other. This allows finer filaments on top and usage of coarse bottom filament on wear side. Most popular design and all varieties of paper and board can be manufactured on it.

16-Shed Double Layer
‌Forming fabric

16-Shed Double Layer is developed with the concept of increasing the running time of forming fabric without affecting the paper quality. This design has 8-Shed weave pattern on forming side and 16-Shed weave pattern on the machine side

3.5 Layer 8-Shed (Triple Weft)

This is 8-Shed 3.5 Layer (Triple weft) fabric. Three cross direction filaments vertically stacked one over the other that offers excellent cross directional stability. This is most suitable for wider high speed machine to manufacture all kinds of paper and boards.

3.5 Layer 16-Shed (Triple Weft)

This is a 16-Shed 3.5 Layer (triple weft) fabric which has vertically stacked cross directional filaments that offer maximum cross stability. This is also available in 8-Shed construction. This is suitable for writing / printing, newsprint, high speed twin wire / fourdrinier machine particularly on wide machines.

Dandy roll for paper making
Features :
  • Phosphor Bronze - Plain Wove, Chain laid and Plate laid.
  • Stainless Steel - Plain wove and Chain laid.

These are used for improving the formation of paper and for imparting watermarks. Watermarks are used for security, for branding the customer’s product and imparting paper mill's own brand to the product. We manufacture complete Dandy Bracket Systems in a variety of types and sizes.